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 Jordan Ravenhill

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Jordan Ravenhill is a talented singer/songwriter/musician from Medway kent south east England.


Born in 1996 he grew up listening to the likes of Mcfly, Michael Jackson, Ed Sheeran and many more.


From a very young age Jordan has always had a passion for music. He always enjoyed the guitar from at least the age of 15, when his parents tried introducing every lesson going including, piano and guitar, but having ADHD got the better of him. 


When he was younger, As he grew he managed to find ways to control his ADHD this made things easier.


From this moment he just couldn’t put down his guitar, he  has not stopped playing.


His inspiration come from the above artists, he started to learn their songs how to play and sing.


He did some research and found out that each of the artists he was inspired by had written all their own songs so of course he had to give it a try too.


So far at the age of 25, ten years on from when he was going to give up and let his ADHD get the better of him, he has relalised 4 original tracks. “Sing that sweet song” has been his most popular so far and has been picked up by a UK producer, named Jake Gosling.


Jake Gosling is known to have produced all of Ed Sheeran’s music and many other great Musicians, he has made a playlist for the branded shop “Hotel Chocolat” which is a very well known brand, Worldwide. The playlist is already in every store including The UK, Japan and America. This single alone has already been played on BBC radio kent, Amazing radio and done over 40,000 streams alone.


Producer- Michelin Shin

Record label- Rock Solid Talent Entertainment.

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